Calgary Speed Skating Techniques and Rules

We all know that how important are the rules in any format of the game. Here are a few while talking Speed Skating that can disqualify a skater:

Impeding (DQI): Any skater found responsible for pushing, blocking another skater.

Off track (DQO): Skaters leaving the track area and jumping outside the track will be considered disqualified.

Cross-tracking (DQX): Any attempts made by a skater in order to block-out another skater while he/she is taking a pass.

Team skating: Skaters form a group and try to lead in front or block other racers.

Assistance: Skaters are not allowed to assist any other racer and can be disqualified by providing any kind of physical support to others.

Shooting the line or Kicking out (DQK): Skaters are supposed to be only skating. Any skater found to lead a foot intentionally to just pass the finish line will be considered disqualified.

Unsportsmanlike conduct (DQU): Any physical disturbance caused to other racers in the group will lead to disqualification.

Equipment (DQE): Any skaters not equipped with all the safety gears, equipments required to be in race will be considered disqualified. Also, if any equipment comes out during the race will mean a sufficient reason to disqualify.

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False Start (DQS): Any racer who has started before the starting bell or pistol fire.
Did not finish (DNF): Any skater, who is not able to reach the finish line, normally occurs in case of accidents.

Did not skate (DNS): Any skaters who has not reached to the starting line of the race.

Following are the main skating gears and equipments:

Skinsuits: The skater’s skin-suits are designed in order to have less resistance from the wind in order to produce greater speed while skating. Also, these are equipped with safety patches to protect vital body parts.

Boots: This is a very important tool for competing in the race and skater’s boots are crafted using graphite and Kevlar to fit to their feet and extend customization as per the feet shape.

Blades: Most important tool of a skater is the blades he/she is wearing. Standard size of bladed are 14” to 18” and that should be curved to the left for assistance while making a turn.

Protective Gear: There are several protective gears that a skater wear that includes helmets, neck-guards, gloves, knee-pads and shin-guards. Additionally, most of the skaters use glass to protect the glare and uneasiness caused by the wind.