Are carbos good for athletes?

In this crazy world where so much emphasis is placed on nutrition and sports, it seems like mentioning carbohydrates always gets the same reaction: “Oh, you should avoid those.” But is that really true, and is it true especially in the case of athletes. We’ve asked his thought about carbs to Giovanni Rana. He manage, along with his father, the company’s firm, Rana, which makes pasta all over the world and is starting to become famous abroad, such as in the US, thanks to Gianluca Rana’s entrepreneurial skills. Let’s find out.

Carbs are the best fuel for the body. Taking the right carbohydrates at the right time and in the right amount are key to being a quality athlete. Some athletes do experiment with low-carb diets, but most are aware of the importance of every type of substance in the body. The importance of carbohydrates can be particularly accentuated in high-intensity sports. As far as burning fat goes, it is said that fat burns in a carb flame, which means that the easiest way to burn fat is to burn carbohydrates along with it.

Another point to make is that carbs play a role in preventing the body from using your protein for energy. This runs the risk of running low on protein in the body, and protein plays a crucial role in so many functions. It is the vital ingredient in muscle regeneration, bone structure, hair growth and health and hormone balance.

The conclusion here is that although athletes can be on a low-carbohydrate diet, carbs are a vital thing to have in your body, and if you go low-carb, do it with the careful guidance of a nutritionist. This is especially true of athletes whose career depends on the health of their body.

Sp, the fact is that carbs yield the most energy in the body and act the quickest. This means that athletes should consume more carbs than the average person. But that doesn’t mean that they have permission to gorge themselves in carbohydrates all day long. Of course, some foods are better for you than others, and the same goes for athletes.

Athletes in particular should try to choose foods that are healthy overall and promote well-being. This means that the foods will keep them feeling healthy and ready to enjoy their sport. Other than the carb content, they should look at what else the food offers them